Changing the World, One Molecule at a Time

Quantum Logic Devices was incorporated in September 2000 to provide faster, smarter, less expensive tools for drug research and medical diagnostic applications. Over the last five years the company has developed its core technology, base on single electron devices, into a platform with the ability to electronically detect single molecule of DNA or a single antigen in a simple, rapid, and highly specific assay without fluorescent labels.

QLD has four US and two international patents describing the fabrication and utility of single electron transistors and has additional patents pending on related technologies and specific applications.

Quantum Logic Devices has a strong multidisciplinary network of suppliers, vendors, partners, and early-stage customers working together to bring this revolutionary technology to the practice of medicine.

QLD's management has over 20 years of experience in growing small and large-scale enterprises.

The Quantum Logic Devices principals are;

Dr. Louis C. Brousseau - CEO & Chief Scientific Officer

QLD 's founder, Dr. Louis C. Brousseau III, has a career of entrepreneurial and scientific achievement. He has B.A.'s in International Economics as well as Chemistry from Transylvania University, and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin. He has also served in research positions at Arizona State University and North Carolina State University.

Dr. Brousseau brings a track record of creating novel technologies to solve real problems, and a long-term vision of the impact of nanotechnology on human health. He has guided the company's technical development and focused on customer and partner recruitment.

Karen Lee Brown - Manager of Operations

Ms. Brown is experienced in all aspects of organization and operational management from a career spanning emergency medicine, banking, and public relations. Previously, Ms. Brown held management positions at Central Carolina Bank, JPMorgan Chase, and Blabbermouth PR.

Ms. Brown leverages prior success in marketing, organization, and finance to maintain QLD's excellence in operational efficiency and customer support.

Board of Directors/Advisors

QLD's is served by a skilled and experienced network of  expertise in semiconductors,  electronics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and biomedical markets. 

Strategic Relationships

Nanotechnology Foundation of Texas
Texas Nanotechnology Initiative
Nanobusiness Alliance