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The mapping of the Human Genome marks the beginning of a new era in human health care. By understanding the genetic code and how specific genes influence metabolism and disease, the practice of medicine will become smarter, faster, and less costly.

Drug development will be also more efficient - targeting specific molecular pathways with engineered molecules instead of trial and error elimination of thousands of candidate compounds. Diagnosis will not only identify the illness, but also its state of progression, giving doctors more information than ever before to determine the best treatment path. Prescriptions will be matched to each individual's body chemistry, providing a more effective and less costly cure.

The promises of “personalized medicine” are held back, however, by a lack of rapid, sensitive, and affordable platforms to study and detect genes and proteins at the molecular level. The high-throughput sequencing and genetic screening technologies used currently are expensive and cumbersome – out of reach for most hospitals and physicians. These technologies are error prone and cannot be miniaturized, making them inappropriate for diagnostic and portable applications.

The QLD "Digital Biology" Concept

Quantum Logic Devices provides a faster, cheaper, and simpler way to analyze DNA, protein, and molecular interactions. These nanoelectronic platforms directly detect the reactions of biomolecules at the molecular level – without amplification or labels – thus avoiding the tedium, expense, and errors associated with fluorescent microarrays.

Thousands of genes can be screened on a single chip in minutes instead of days, multiplying throughput by 10 – 20X over existing products. Simultaneously, the cost of analysis is reduced by up to 30X. QLD's technology platforms come in a variety of formats for research or diagnostic applications with capbilities for high-throughput, extreme sensitivity, large dynamic range, and portability.

The systems consists of two parts: disposable assay cartridges and a electronic data capture device. The test cartridge is a self-contained bioassay platform containing all reagents except the sample. Suitable matrices can be almost any fluid, including blood, serum, plasma, saline, urine, mud, and water. The targets are captured and recorded by QLD's proprietary nanoelectronic device arrays, without isolation, labeling, or wash steps - usually within a few minutes. The results are automatically interpreted and presented in an unambiguous format (such as an image or number). 

Quantum Logic Devices has identified technological and market trends in the following areas that will be disrupted by these technologies:




Molecular Diagnostics

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SET  Technology in Action
Genetic Impact on Disease
SET = Smarter Medicine

Boundless Possibilities

The flexibility of  QLD's technology platforms will create many opportunities for positively impacting healthcare that are not presented here. Knowledge gained from genomic and proteomic research will inform innovation and applications in ways not yet imagined.

The QLD technologies not only make these advances possible, but can also adapt to meet the needs of future applications.

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