Welcome to Quantum Logic Devices. We're using nanotechnology to bring together “wet” biology and “dry” semiconductor electronics to create radically new products to improve healthcare.

Our patented nanoelectronic platforms will accelerate knowledge generation in such fields as genomics, proteomics, and drug discovery.

This understanding will produce innovations such as "personalized" drugs and molecular diagnostics that will make the practice of medicine more efficient and more successful.

QLD's technology provides direct observation of molecular reactions without optical labels, which greatly simplifies bioassay procedures and removes much of the error associated with label-based technologies.



The simplicity of the QLD's technology means that tests that are presently done in clinical labs will be available at the bedside. Results are returned within minutes instead of days, providing more timely information for physicians and better care for patients.

The technology also enables the development of new tests as medicine becomes more personalized - eventually into the home.

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